E-Document Exchange Systems

E-Document Exchange Systems (e-DES) and services enable companies more efficient communication and operation with their customers and partners. By using e-DES, a company can communicate with their partners much easier and faster,  it can exchange different documents, invoices, forms of delivery, but above all it can optimize and simplify their business operations.
e-DES enable big and middle size enterprises a simple integration with their ERP and CRM systems and consequently a fully automatized operations with suppliers, partners and customers. With e-DES a company can operate completely with e-documents or combine e-DES with the old-fashioned paper communication exchange if preferred by some partners or clients.. With e-DES company can easily transform papers to electronic copy and vice versa. All sent and received electronic documents can be stored in a cloud – a centralized archive or Accredited  Archive. When documents are stored in Accredited Archive they are all officially time stamped by a TSA and stored on a safe location. All documents are regularly backup-ed and  are accessible anytime from anywhere.
We design, develop and deliver e-DES systems for e-Document Exchange service providers and National Post Offices.




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