Mobile TV

Would you like to increase revenue and the usage of core services as data and SMS ?  Do you want to gain competitive edge and attract more customers ?


Increase your revenue and customer base with Globtim Mobile TV!
Increase customer base. Access customers that do not have a broadband or cable TV infrastructure. Deliver Live TV service to customers at anytime and any place. Attract new customers by enabling them to watch favourite TV shows and football beyond the living room, practically anywhere!

Increase revenue. Increase revenue by attracting new cutomers and monetizing service by selling subscriptions for a new service and by selling video advertisements. Users of mobile TV also use bigger contracted data allowances and send more SMSs by commenting and discussing current experience with friends.

Gain the competitive edge. Enable and deliver new exciting rich multimedia services, Video-on-Demand and live TV content to users anytime and anywhere!






















We are specialized in building proprietary,
custom made professional IT solutions and
applications with the highest level
of demands for quality, efficiency, reliability,
and user experience.


We deliver only top quality products that
perfectly fit our customer’s needs
and expectations.


About Us

We are group of highly experienced
and motivated IT and telecommunication
experts. We deliver professional, customized
and high quality products and services
that enable our customers to increase
their business.